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Faraday bags were once considered useful tools used by the military to protect valuable electronic equipment from electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and other forms of interference. However, in today’s digital world, where both governments and private parties are more involved in gathering information through illegal and unconstitutional methods, faraday bags have become very popular within the civilian sector. These bags are made of a metallic material that blocks electromagnetic fields, preventing them from penetrating the bag and damaging or accessing the equipment within. Our GoDark Faraday bags can protect devices such as tablets, phones, and other electronics.

At GoDark, we offer Faraday bags that will give you peace of mind knowing that your devices and their information are protected. We also offer bundle deals for device bags.

For example, our two-piece tablet bundles is a popular deal that protects two tablets. We also offer a popular Essentials small bundle set that includes a GoDark® Faraday Bag for Phones, a Tarriss® Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Neck Wallet, and a Tarriss® RFID Blocking Money Belt, which makes a fantastic gift for those who love to travel. We also offer a medium bundle set, that includes the above-mentioned bags and a large tab bag that can hold most tablets. Check out our wide selection of bags and get protected today!