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Crypto coins are becoming more popular as a vehicle for diversifying investment portfolios.

Many crypto investors are concerned about the security of their crypto transactions and crypto exchanges. Crypto theft is not foreign in the crypto world. The threat of hackers is a concern to cryptocurrency security. Learning how to protect your crypto data is essential.

GoDark Hardware Wallets

A crypto wallet is one of the reliable ways to keep your crypto assets protected. Developed by a longtime Bitcoin Core developer, our BitBox02 hardware wallets enables you to independently generate and securely store your private keys protecting your Bitcoin and other crypto from malware, thieves, and hackers.

Hardware wallets are physical drives that store only the primary key. You can lock your drive and encrypt it, making it more difficult for a hacker to access it. To learn more about securing your crypto wallet with the BitBox02 Hardware Wallet + GoDark® Faraday Bag, contact us at(778) 588-9534.

Protect Your Crypto Today

Keep your crypto safe with a privacy-enhancing hardware wallet. Store your hardware wallet in a Faraday Bag to all incoming and outgoing EMF signals. We ship to the US and Canada. Free shipping available for a minimum order. Shop our crypto security products now!

Important: The BitBox02 comes in two editions; the Bitcoin Only Edition for the Bitcoin maximalists, and the Multi Edition which stores Bitcoin as well as 1500+ additional coins. For security reasons we do not allow exchanges on hardware wallets so please be aware of the bundle version.