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Why Use a Faraday Bag or Faraday Cage?

We’ve all experienced it. In fact, we all instinctively understand and expect it. 

That moment when racing to save some poor innocents on the brink of utter doom, the hero of our thrilling action movie tosses his phone out of a fast-moving sedan and breathes a sigh of relief. 

It doesn’t even have to be a fast-moving car either. 

Our heroine could very well take the mobile phone off a naive and unsuspecting sidekick’s hands then crush it to smithereens under her boot. Or toss it into a river. 

At this point, we’re usually nodding our heads in complete understanding. 

The bad guys—whether that’s some evil faction of the CIA, a rogue but resourceful criminal enterprise, or some up-to-no-good hoodlums—have just been thwarted. 

These crooks can no longer snoop in on conversations they shouldn’t be privy to or even track our heroes’ locations as they race against time to save the day. 

You might think that all this drama is only fit for the movies. Indeed, it’s a great way to give you the occasional adrenaline rush—but certainly not enough to warrant any of your serious attention.  

But believe it or not, it’s not only in movies where one has to protect themselves from hackers and other parties interested in one’s digital data.


Black GoDark Faraday Bags


If you don’t want to keep tossing your device out every time you have to go dark, learning about Faraday bags and cages—and then getting yourself one—is just the thing to do. 

Expert Tip : Faraday cages may be too elaborate for your everyday needs. Faraday bags, on the other hand, are practical for personal use, especially when you just want to secure your RFID-chipped cards and key fobs, mobile phone, or personal computer.

Alas! If only all those heroes and heroines we grew up watching had just gotten their hands on some GoDark Faraday Bags

They’d never have had to keep throwing away their expensive or sentimental smartphones or even burner phones—certainly not in the name of preventing their adversaries from hacking them, tracking their location, or damaging their devices using electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation.


Person holding GoDark Faraday Bags


Table of Contents

Prevent Identity Theft

Prevent Data Theft

Prevent Car Theft

Prevent Location Tracking

Facts and Questions

Who Needs to Use a Faraday Bag?

What Should I Store in a Faraday Bag or Faraday Cage?


Prevent Identity Theft

A tablet and phone bag, unrolled, with phone and tablet both protruding from bags


With a skimming machine, hackers today can lift personal information off anything with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. 

Using gear readily available on Amazon and eBay, hackers can skim your data from several feet away without you ever knowing.

That’s right, the data on the RFID chips of your passport, office access badges, or even credit and debit cards is valuable enough that hackers will use it as the starting point of stealing your identity. 

Your smartphone, along with any other consumer-ready digital device, can be an avenue  hackers exploit to steal your identity. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, once thieves have your personal information, they can use it to:

  • Drain your bank account
  • Open new utility accounts
  • Run up charges on your credit cards
  • Get medical treatment using your health insurance
  • File a tax refund in your name and claim your refund

Some thieves have even been daring enough to use their stolen identities when arrested by the police. 

But even as the Federal Trade Commission outlines a host of steps to take when information is hacked or exposed, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry. 

An easy and convenient way of protecting yourself is by using a Faraday bag or Faraday cage. Faraday products work by blocking all incoming and outgoing signals. 

Yes, your purse, handbag, or even wallet might be able to block RFID in the low-frequency range designed for credit cards and passports. But they won’t be able to block high-frequency GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell phone signals. 

Using a Faraday bag, however, ensures that your cards, passports, and phone are safe from intrusive and unwanted Bluetooth, cell, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals.   


Prevent Data Theft 

Connecting to WiFi at your favorite coffee shop or leaving your Bluetooth on while on the subway are some of the easiest ways to expose yourself to the threat of data theft. 

As technology evolves, it gets harder to anticipate how a digital security breach might be executed. 

You might fall victim to a phishing scam when you divulge your personal details or install malware from people using fake emails, for instance. 

Or you could end up having the data on your device remotely wiped via wireless signals from malicious individuals. 


Two open laptops on a conference table with a smartphone and a GoDark Faraday Bag between them


But because Faraday bags and cages block out any incoming and outgoing signals from your digital devices, they are an invaluable tool in your cybersecurity arsenal.

Just because you think you have nothing to hide doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to protect. Imagine how violating it’d feel to have thousands of your photos, emails, and text messages leaked and available for everyone to take a look at online.  

Faraday products not only enhance your privacy but also secure your devices by not leaving them exposed to hackers in the first place. 

In fact, Faraday bags and cages are so effective that both the military and law enforcement have been using them for ages to protect hardware with important technological evidence, including laptops, phones, smartwatches, and other such devices.


Prevent Car Theft

Digital data theft extends beyond getting your photos or sensitive company data stolen by hackers. Tech-savvy criminals can, for instance, target your car’s electronic keys using devices called code grabbers. 


The GoDark Vault opened to reveal a car key fob that’s placed inside


They will then perform a signal extender relay attack, otherwise known as a SERA, to steal your keyless car without directly tampering with the vehicle. 

Using code grabbers, thieves catch your key fob’s radio frequency, clone it, and then use their newly made duplicate signal to open the car doors and drive off. The bad guys don’t even need to get close to your key, as it can be detected from up to 8 meters away!

Why would you want to go through the pain of losing your car when you could simply foil such theft by dropping your key fob in a GoDark Vault Faraday Cage? 

Doing so prevents your car key’s radio frequency from ever reaching a thief’s code grabber. In this case, securing your digital data secures your ride. 


Prevent Location Tracking

A cat peeps around the edge of cardboard in a GoDark Faraday Bags poster with text that says, “It’s not about hiding”


It’d be exceptionally hard to carry on with your daily life if you felt like there was someone constantly hovering over you or stalking you every minute of the day.


Testimonial from Anonymous customer


You might even call the police if you felt threatened by such a person or confront them directly if you had it in you. 

Unfortunately, not many people ever stop to consider the role their mobile phones play in creating a detailed profile of where they go and who they spend time with. 

As the following YouTube video demonstrates, your mobile phone is a very effective tracking device. It records the places you visit and the time you spend there—even when it’s in airplane mode, doesn’t have a SIM card, and isn’t connected to the internet!

As we see in that video, our devices are constantly telling others where we are. They’re effectively spies in our pockets, uploading our location data to entities such as Google. 

Your location data is such a valuable commodity that all manner of people, organizations, and governments want it. 

Why would all these entities want it, you might casually wonder, as you tap “Accept” on application user agreements that require you to share this data. 

It’s because location data can be used to predict where you’ll be at a given point in the future, and it gives a detailed account of who you are and what your life looks like. 

Companies want this data to better target their products to you, while governments, law enforcement, and even criminals might be very interested in finding out where you live and work as well as what social relationships you have. 

Your smartphone can track your location through the following: 

  • Mobile phone towers
  • GPS tracking  
  • Wi-Fi history
  • Geotags in photos
  • Location logs (like in Maps apps)
  • IP addresses (shared with every website or social media platform you visit)

Expert Tip:Switching your device to airplane mode or manually turning off features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and infrared is insufficient when it comes to securing your electronic devices.


Facts and Questions

Who Needs to Use a Faraday Bag? 

Anyone interested in securing their digital data from hackers will benefit immensely from a Faraday bag. Even so, you definitely need to use a Faraday bag if you’re a:

  • Law enforcement officer (LEO)
  • Military or armed forces operator
  • Journalist concerned about protecting your sources or stories before they break
  • Stalking victim who wants to keep your whereabouts and personal info to yourself 
  • Privacy-conscious individual or corporate titan safeguarding against information theft 
  • Prepper or survivalist  

People who’re particularly worried about exposure to electromagnetic radiation or EMF from their devices should also use Faraday bags or cages. 


What Should I Store in a Faraday Bag or Faraday Cage?

You can store any item that can be remotely hacked—but which you’d rather wasn’t. These items might include: 

  • Passports
  • Credit cards
  • Smartwatches 
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptop computers
  • Bitcoin hardware wallets
  • Access cards and badges
  • Car key fobs / remotes
  • Tablets

Faraday products are the only true “Off” button your devices, most of which have non-removable batteries and never completely switch off when shut down, can hope to have.  

You might not be too excited about having all manner of people and organizations up in your business about your data, the places you frequent, the relationships you have, or even when and if you deviate from your usual routine. 

Additionally, you might be concerned about the effects of harmful EMF on your health.

If that describes you, then you might want to grab a few Faraday Bags to finally lock in security, privacy, and peace of mind for yourself and your friends.


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