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GoDark Faraday Phone and Tablet Bags

FARADAY BAGS -Stop Phone Tracking

Regain control of your tech security, privacy, and health with a Faraday bag.


Blocks all incoming and outgoing Bluetooth signals, as well as Cell, GPS, and WiFi.

Blocks Bluetooth, Cell, GPS and WiFi


Protects your electronics from disaster

Protects Your Electronics From Disaster


Concerned about EMF? GoDark® Bags has you covered by significantly reducing EMF radiation exposure from your device.

Reduces EMF Radiation Exposure

GoDark phone bag

“The bag meets all of my expectations. It's well-constructed with quality materials and does what it's supposed to do. Definitely recommended!”

Beverly M.
GoDark phone bag

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Protect your family and yourself from privacy-invasive phone tracking and unwanted EMF exposure

Our Rigorous Criteria

Reliably blocks Cell, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS signals every time

Must never fail, even if the bag is upside down

Easy to visually verify the bag is properly closed

Undergo 3rd party lab tests to confirm proper signal blocking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Faraday bag, uses GoDark RF-shielding fabric that has passed the MIL-STD-188-125-2 test, a standardized military test for the EMP-shielding effectiveness of small transportable containers. The anti-tracking GoDark RF material effectively blocks signals and secures your digital devices from data theft, unauthorized access, and location tracking.

We also chose a tailor-made roll-top design because we believe it provides the best failure-free signal-blocking closure on the market. 

The GoDark Vault protects your car from fob relay theft by blocking all EMF signals to or from your keyless remote or key fob, preventing car theft.