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EMF Radiation: What It Is and The Devices That Create It

Modern technology and reliable electricity have significantly impacted our quality of life. We can now learn about almost anything and interact with anybody, anywhere in the world.

Most of us can’t imagine life without cell phones, laptops, tablets, and internet connections.

However, the introduction of electricity and modern technology into homes and businesses has increased our risk of exposure to radiation from electric and magnetic fields (EMF). 

All modern technology, whether it communicates wirelessly or through AC power, emits EMF radiation. In other words, EMF radiation is emitted everywhere electricity is generated, transmitted, or used.

If you’ve heard anything about electric and magnetic fields, you’ve probably heard that they have health risks that could potentially develop into cancer and other mental and physical disorders. 

With this in mind, we’ll delve deeper into what EMF radiation is, the devices that emit it, what it does to your body, and how you can minimize your exposure. 


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Table of Contents

What is EMF Radiation?

What Are the Different Types of EMF Radiation and Where Do They Come From?

Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

What Are the Health Effects of EMF Radiation Exposure

Electromagnetic Radiation and Immune Function

Electromagnetic Radiation and Cancer in Adults and Children

Electromagnetic Radiation and Electrosensitivity

How to Reduce Effects of EMF Radiation Exposure

Tip 1: Use Your Smartphone Safely

Tip 2: Use Your Tablet and Laptop Safely

Tip 3: Keep EMF Sources at a Distance

Tip 4: Unplug Electronic Devices After Use

Tip 5: Limit Your Use of Wireless Devices and Smart Devices

What Are the Benefits of EMF Protection?

Frequently Asked Questions About GoDark Faraday Bags for Cell Phones

Will Using a GoDark Faraday Bag Drain My Cell Phone Battery?

Will My Phone Ring or Receive Messages in a GoDark Faraday Bag?

Why Not Just Turn Off My Cell Phone?


What is EMF Radiation?

EMF refers to electric and magnetic fields. These electric and magnetic fields are caused by electromagnetic radiation. 

EMF radiation is created when electricity flows through electrical devices and wiring at varying frequencies and wavelengths. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines EMF radiation as waves of electric and magnetic energy traveling together or radiating through space at the speed of light. 

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What Are the Different Types of EMF Radiation and Where Do They Come From?

Electromagnetic radiation is divided into two groups:

Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation 

Ionizing radiation is also called high-frequency radiation. It can lead to direct cellular and DNA damage. Types of ionizing radiation are:

  • Gamma rays, which are effective in treating cancer 
  • X-rays from medical imaging machines
  • Some ultraviolet rays 


Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation 

Non-ionizing radiation is also referred to aslow energyradiation. The radiation is mild and widely considered harmless to human beings. Non-ionizing radiation is present in both natural and manufactured forms. 

Various sources of non-ionizing radiation differ in frequency range and wavelength. They include the following:

  • Extremely Low Frequency (ELF): Produced by power lines, ELF induction furnaces, electrical wiring, and electrical equipment like blow dryers, electric blankets, and shavers. 

  • Microwave and Radio Frequency (RF): Sources include wireless communication devices and equipment like cell phones, cordless phones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, satellites, smart meters, Bluetooth devices, radar, microwave ovens, televisions, and radios. 

  • Visible light radiation: This non-ionizing radiation is generated byfluorescent lamps, LEDs, and lasers, which have the full range of visible light. 

  • Infrared radiation: Produced by IR lasers,furnaces, and heat lamps

  • Ultraviolet radiation: This type of non-ionizing radiation is produced by thesun, welding arcs, black lights, and UV lasers.

  • What Are the Health Effects of EMF Radiation Exposure 

    Research on the health impact of electromagnetic radiation is still ongoing andinconclusive. The following are our findings on the impact of electromagnetic radiation on humans:

    Electromagnetic Radiation and Immune Function Ionizing radiation, such as gamma rays, can damage your immune cells. Exposure to ionizing radiation can also irreversibly alter immune response. 

    Electromagnetic fields cause changes in immune function by stimulating various allergic and inflammatory responses. 

    Electric and magnetic fields can also lead to cellular damage and affect tissue repair processes. These disturbances can increase the risk of developing various illnesses, including cancer. 

    Electromagnetic Radiation and Cancer in Adults and Children

    Several studies from the National Cancer Institutedemonstrate scientific evidence of a link between exposure to low-energy ionizing radiation and cancer in humans. Studies conducted in the 1980s and early 1990s showed that ELF radiation could be possibly carcinogenic and might pose a cancer risk. 

    According to the World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation is also said to be possibly carcinogenic. Acute myeloid leukemia was common among men in high-exposure occupations like electronic technicians.

    Exposure to electric and magnetic fields has also been shown to cause childhood leukemia. However, nomechanisms have been identified, and no experimental investigations have been conducted to support these findings.

    Similar to the studies from the National Cancer Institute, Joel Moskowitz,a researcher at UC Berkeley, has been trying to prove that radiofrequency radiation is unsafe for over a decade.

    Moskowitz says:

    “People are addicted to their smartphones … We use them for everything now, and, in many ways, we need them to function in our daily lives. I think the idea that they’re potentially harming our health is too much for some people.”

    Moskovitz added that research had shown a link between cell phone use and brain cancer risk. He also states that 5G is a cause for even more concern.

    However, the CDC claims further research is needed to determine whether using a cell phone with radiofrequency radiation can harm your health.

    Other peer-reviewed studies have shown that RF radiation can cause significant harm to human health. The adverse health effects include the following:

    Electromagnetic Radiation and Electrosensitivity 

    The cumulative effect of EMFs from all sources can lead to a phenomenon called electrosensitivity. These are the symptoms of EMF sensitivity:

    • Nausea 
    • Vomiting 
    • Insomnia 
    • Fatigue 
    • Dizziness 
    • Muscle aches 
    • Depression 
    • Mood changes 
    • Altered heart rhythm


    How to Reduce the Health Effects of EMF Radiation Exposure 

    It’s possible to mitigate these health risks and lower your exposure levels. Here’s how:

    Tip 1: Use Your Smartphone Safely 

    Nomophobia, the fear of being detached from your phone, is common. However, learning to use your cell phone safely can protect you from cell phone radiation that could pose a cancer risk. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

    • Avoid using your cell phone in the car as radiation levels tend to increase
    • Avoid carrying your cell phone in your bra or pocket 
    • Keep your phone on Airplane mode when not in use
    • Use speakerphone when possible
    • Use Bluetooth sparingly

    If your job requires you to be reachable by phone at all times, you can consider investing in EMF protection gear such as the GoDark Faraday Bag


    Tip 2: Use Your Tablet and Laptop Safely

    You can achieve this through the following:

    • Using your laptop or tablet on battery power
    • Using a wired external mouse and keyboard to decrease EMF exposure
    • Not placing your laptop on your lap while working
    • Taking periodic breaks when using your device
    • Not using Wi-Fi to stream videos or music
    • Alternatively, you can put your gadget in a GoDark Bag


    Tip 3: Keep EMF Sources at a Distance 


    quote about keeping electrical devices away from your body

    It’s important to keep electrical devices and equipment a few feet away from your body. The greater the distance between you and the source, the lower your exposure levels.

    • Place your Wi-Fi router in an area where people don’t spend a lot of time.
    • Avoid standing in front of your microwave when it’s operating. 
    • Place your phone or tablet on a table far from you. If not possible, place them in a GoDark Faraday Bag.
    • Instead of holding your phone to your ear, text or use a speakerphone.

    The table below shows examples of the typical magnetic strengths of different appliances at varying distances:

    Electric Appliance

    Magnetic Flux Density (µT) at 3 cm Distance

    Magnetic Flux Density (µT) at 30 cm Distance

    Magnetic Flux Density (µT) at 1 m Distance

    Microwave Oven 






    < 0.01

    < 0.01

    Portable radio set



    < 0.01

    Television set 







    < 0.01





    Tip 4: Unplug Electronic Devices After Use 

    Unplugging your electronic devices can limit your exposure to EMF radiation.

    • Ensure you unplug your TV, Wi-Fi routers, and all wireless devices at night and when not in use. 
    • Create a sleeping sanctuary by unplugging your iPad, mobile phone, and other electronic devices in your bedroom.

    If unplugging is not an option, place them in GoDark Faraday Bags.

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    Tip 5: Limit Your Use of Wireless Devices and Smart Devices 

    Some equipment, such as a wireless mouse, baby monitor, headphones, and keyboard, can only function when a wireless signal is emitted, thus increasing EMF radiation. Protect yourself from cancer risks by using wired versions.

    Also, limit the use of smart devices such as: 

    • Smartwatches
    • 5G-enabled devices
    • Digital door locks


    What Are the Benefits of EMF Protection? 

    EMF radiation is emitted everywhere - at home, school, the office, and in hospitals... Fortunately, you can protect yourself and avoid its dangerous biological effects in multiple ways.

    The following are the benefits of protecting yourself from EMF radiation:

    • Improved sleeping environment 
    • Reduces the health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation
    • Reducing and eliminating electrosensitivity symptoms and other potential health hazards 

    GoDark Faraday Bags are also ideal for blocking RFID. They are also suitable for crypto security


    Frequently Asked Questions About GoDark Faraday Bags for Cell Phones

    Will using a GoDark Faraday bag drain my cell phone battery?

    Newer phones don’t drain the battery as quickly as older phones. We tested several iPhones, Samsung, and a OnePlus by putting them in our Faraday Bag at 80% charge for more than 8 hours. The phones didn’t lose more than 9 percent of their battery power.


    Will my phone ring or receive messages in a GoDark Faraday bag?

    The GoDark Faraday Bag reduces EMF exposure significantly, thus blocking all incoming and outgoing signals. 

    You won’t receive any text messages, calls, or app notifications. Taking your phone out of the back will reconnect you to the network, allowing you to receive all missed updates. 


    Why not just turn off my cell phone?

    Most of our customers live or work in places where they feel unsafe and they’re not comfortable turning off their phones. 

    If you turn off your phone, it will take much longer to power it up, especially when you want to take photographs or in an emergency. It’s much more practical to take the phone out of your Faraday Bag and start dialing or snapping photos.